Tournaments are organized by rank, and in addition to ranks, there are scalar tournaments for scalars only. In scalar tournaments, avatar parameters and item strengths are the same, and only game skills are used in the tournament. Tournament results also affect rank. (Rank points are earned for each rank).

Only the top X avatars in each grade or higher are eligible to participate in XXX, which is held every season and every year in X month. Each tournament day will be held for one to three days, with participants required to play on their own by a set deadline.


  • Complete 18 holes by 5 pm

  • Complete 18 holes by 9 pm

  • Complete 18 holes by 9 pm *First place continues to compete in a playoff. *Ties other than first place will split the prize money. *The ranking during the course of the game is always displayed, and it is possible to stop in the middle of the game and restart in time.

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