The Golfin platform issues the Golfin Token ($GON) as a governance token. This token is granted to users through in-game and real-world golf play, and the token can be used in the following ways

Acquisition of GON in GOLFIN

  • Earning in-game $GON tokens can be earned through in-game play. Specifically, tokens are awarded through player versus player (PVP) mode and tournament participation.

  • Earned through golf play Players can also earn $GON in real golf play. This is done by utilizing the application's GPS feature. When a player turns on the application's GPS mode and goes to a real golf course to play real golf, the application detects this and awards the player with tokens for their play.

Uses of GON in Golfin

  • The $GON is available in-game and is utilized to enhance various parameters of one's character. $GON used for these purposes is incinerated, which has the effect of increasing the overall value of $GON.

Allocation and Vesting


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